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Curta-metragem de Nick Peterson, O Visitante é Horror Gold

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Did you know that many horror movies start off as short films? A short can offer visual representation of your abilities as a filmmaker, pitch your story to producers and, perhaps most importantly, gain the concept a fan base that will only make the profit-makers more tempted to dish out the supporting funds.

Fact: Did you know James Wan’s Serra started as a short?

Well just like bad scripts there are now a plethora of terrible short movies out there and wading through them can take as long as watching a feature length movie before finding a decent one. But hold the phone.

I have just seen a work of art by the up-and-coming, super talented Nick Peterson called The Visitant. Lasting only seven minutes, fourteen seconds, your expectations can be limited, but this short separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Nick is relatively new to the director’s chair, having only directed a handful of flicks, but he is no stranger to the movie industry, working various roles on movies such as O Anel, Constantine e Charlie's Angels. Well Mr. Peterson, I think your vocation in life is with us here in the horror sector.

Nick Peterson with the cast of The Visitant

Nick Peterson with the cast of The Visitant (White Shirt) – IMDB

Joined by the very talented Amy Smart and the magnificent creature actor Doug Jones, Peterson has made a fascinating, psychological, suspenseful, beautiful, and above all scary movie – one that I can see coming to us in the near future as a full length horror movie.

So impressed was I that I endeavored to contact Nick to firstly tip my hat to his work and secondly see if he had anything to add to this article. Loving to hear from fans, Nick offered this great behind the scenes footage of Doug in make-up (as the demon), as well as some still images.

Head over to Nick’s page to support his work and watch The Visitant agora mesmo!



On the set photo 1

On the set photo 2

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